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  • Headteacher's Welcome
    Headteacher's Welcome

`The most important thing for us is that children wake up wanting to come to school in the morning.` 

This is probably one of our most important core values, Enjoying Learning. Our values and ethos are at the heart of our school community and provide the foundations for every element of learning at Clare. Our vision is to deliver a learning experience for each pupil which encompasses each of these core values: Citizenship, Learning to Learn, Aiming High, Respecting Ourselves and Others and, most importantly, Enjoying Learning.

Each child, irrespective of background or academic ability, has the right to access an engaging and stimulating curriculum, within a safe, secure and nurturing environment. At the heart of our curriculum is our belief in creativity, diversity and aspiration for all. We believe that children should not be limited by labels and have created this curriculum to inspire, enthuse and engage all of our pupils and their families, working in partnership with parents and carers. We also aim for them to acquire experiences within the local and wider environment irrespective of personal socio-economic circumstances.

We are conscious of the responsibility of schools in shaping well-rounded individuals who are confident learners willing to take risks and have the knowledge and skills necessary to be a 21st century citizen. We have incorporated opportunities to develop leadership and collaborative skills, and to utilise our setting fully, including the rich locality as a wider campus. 

By the end of their primary education, we want our pupils to be aware of their responsibility in shaping the future as life-long learners, as well as having pride in what they have achieved with us.

I could not be more proud, not only of our nurturing team and aspirational curriculum, but also of the partnerships we have made with our families and within the local community. We look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant and dynamic school.

Lorna Stranger